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Friday July 19th Meeting


Observing OR

APOLLO 11 OR Johannes Kepler???

    This month’s program may be a

bit of a toss up. The GSC asked if

we could do an observing session in

observance of the 50th anniversary

of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

With a little rearranging of the

schedule and some quick emails, it

looks like we can pull it off.

Here’s the game plan. The club

will meet at the usual time. The

scheduled talk will be put off until a

later time, there will be a Sky Tonight

talk to go over what we'll be looking at

later (mostly for visitors), and then

have an abbreviated business meeting

in the OmniSphere. This would give

time afterwards for setting up

telescopes, etc. before sunset at 8:35. I

think the GSC is going to provide

snacks of some sort, so the Club

probably does not need to provide any.

The Sun does not set until 8:35

and it will not be dark until about 9:30.

Jupiter will already be up at sunset and

Saturn might be above the trees by

then, it rises at 8:00. Unfortunately the

Moon does not rise until 10:35 and

will not clear the trees until at least

11:00 at the earliest.

All this is predicated on clear

weather. According to the forecasts I

have seen there's a good chance it will

be clear, baring popup thunderstorms.

In the case of bad weather, the

originally scheduled program about

Johannes Kepler will go on.

As always members are invited

As always, GAC members are

invited to gather for dinner prior to

the meeting at the Golden Corral on

Lawndale Dr. at 6:00.


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