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Friday March 15th Meeting

Bringing Columbia Home

Presented by Jonathan Ward

A Story of American

Courage, Compassion, and


On February 1, 2003, the Space

Shuttle Columbia disintegrated

during reentry in the skies over East

Texas. During the next three

months, an unlikely coalition of

NASA technicians, wildland fire

fighters, and local volunteers

searched every square foot of an

area larger than the state of

Delaware to recover the remains of

Columbia’s crew and 80,000 pounds

of debris from the vehicle.

Our member Jonathan Ward co-authored a book

about the incident with Mike Leinbach, who was

NASA’s launch director for the mission (and the final

third of the Space Shuttle Program), and who led

NASA's effort to determine the cause of the accident by

reconstructing Columbia’s wreckage. At our meeting

on March 15, Jonathan will discuss this fascinating

chapter in America’s space exploration history and how

Columbia continues her research mission to the present


Copies of the best-selling book “Bringing Columbia

Home,” signed by both authors, will be available for

purchase after the business meeting. The book is also

available in print, ebook, and audio formats on Amazon

and at Barnes & Noble.

As always, GAC members are

invited to gather for dinner prior to

the meeting at the Golden Corral on

Lawndale Dr. at 6:00.