Next Meeting


Friday January 17th

The Lives of Stars

Presented by Roger Joyner

     I will be do our program this month. I was originally going to talk about the moons of Mars, and I may still do that later this year.

However, with the way Betelgeuse has been behaving and rumors of it’s eminent explosion, I decided a review of the life and death of stars might be relevant.

All stars will eventually dies in one way or another. The method of their demise is pretty dependent upon one thing—mass. I won’t give away all my secrets, or theirs. Red dwarf stars will last for trillions of years and basically just fade away. The giants only last a few million and go KABOOM!

I hope you will join me for the rest of the story.

***We will be gathering for our pre-meeting dinner as usual but not at the usual location. If you haven’t heard, the Golden Corral on Lawndale Drive has closed permanently—something related to the expiration of their franchise.

For a new experience we are going to try out the K&W Cafeteria in Friendly Shopping Center. It is at the intersection of Pembroke and Northline. Let’s still meet at 6:00 or perhaps a few minutes earlier since it is a little farther away. See you all on Friday.


Solar GeneratorV4 (pdf)