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Friday July 19th Meeting

August PROGRAM:  Johannes Kepler

Presented By: Thomas Hefner

 The August

presentation will

be given by GAC

member Thomas

Hefner. He will

talk about

Johannes Kepler

and his

contributions to

astronomy and

physics. Starting

with a brief overview of Kepler’s life

the middle of the presentation will

look at his 3 Laws of Planetary

Motion. Sir Isaac Newton used

Kepler’s Laws to help establish the

Law of Universal Gravitation. Part of

the presentation will be the

connections between Kepler and

Newton and some of the implications

of the Law of Universal

Gravitation. At the end of the talk

there will be a brief overview of some

of the accomplishments and “firsts”

that is credited to Kepler.

Thomas has been a member of

the GAC for the past decade and

currently he teaches science at the

Middle College at UNCG which is a

magnet school within the Guilford

County School System. He also works

certain weekends operating the

Omnisphere for the Greensboro

Science Center.

As always, GAC members are

invited to gather for dinner prior to

the meeting at the Golden Corral on

Lawndale Dr. at 6:00.


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