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Friday October 18th Meeting

October PROGRAM: Transit of Mercury

Presented By: Roger Joyner

This month’s program will be given by GAC member Roger Joyner. 

He will be discussing the November 11 transit of Mercury.

Periodically, about every 7, or 13, or 33 years a neat thing happens. 

The planets Mercury and Earth align just right so that Mercury can be seen crossing the face of the Sun. 

Such an event is known as a transit. I hope you will join me as I, hopefully, explain why this happens and how you can safely observe it.

The club will also discuss plans for public observing of the transit at the GSC and, possibly other locations.

As always, GAC members are

invited to gather for dinner prior to

the meeting at the Golden Corral on

Lawndale Dr. at 6:00.


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