Next Meeting


Friday February 21st


Presented by: Stan Rosenberg

    This month’s program will be presented by long-time GAC member Stan Rosenberg. 

Stan has been a avid solar viewer and astrophotographer for many years.

He’s going to share some of his knowledge with the rest of us.

My program will talk about three gadgets which can really enhance

your visual and photographic experience. First good light

pollution reduction filters. 

Second the Polemaster for good polar

alignment and third a Bahtinov masks for perfect focus both

visually and photographically. I will also discuss the Bortle scale

and the sources of light pollution.

***As usual all GAC members are invited to gather at 6:00 for dinner

prior to the meeting for food and conversation. Just remember that we

will now be meeting at the K & W Cafeteria at Friendly shopping center.


Solar GeneratorV4 (pdf)